CEO Search Update

As publicly elected officials, it is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to oversee the process and make the final decision on the next President and CEO of the Omaha Public Power District. The Board has been following the process so the public and interested parties could follow along every step of the way.

We are pleased to announce we’re proceeding to the next step in the process of selecting a new President and Chief Executive Officer to succeed W. Gary Gates.

After the job description was posted through various professional outlets and through the recruiting firm hired by OPPD, the Board has determined four finalists will be interviewed individually on March 8 and 9.

The public will have the opportunity to witness a segment of the interview process of each finalist in an “open” session. See proposed agenda. These segments will also be videotaped and posted on this website as soon as available. At the conclusion of each interview, the Board will go into “closed” session to address any issues considered sensitive that could be injurious to the reputation of the person involved or contrary to the public interest. This process will occur for each candidate. At the conclusion of the interview process, the Board of Directors is inviting the public to an informal “meet the finalists” forum which will occur on Monday, March 9, 2015, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Energy Plaza Atrium at 444 South 16th Street Mall. The public will be able to meet the finalists and discuss topics one-on-one. They can also provide feedback to the Board by filling out a comment form by March 13. 

After the public forum and public comment sessions have concluded on March 13, the Board of Directors will discuss the finalists in an open session at the Board Committee meetings on March 17, and with a closed session to follow, if needed, to determine if they have a finalist of choice. If it is decided at the committee level to make a recommendation, a resolution will be prepared, posted on and then considered at the next regular Board meeting on March 19.

We feel this new process provides greater public transparency and will allow us to move forward and choose the best candidate to lead the District.

Mr. Gates has agreed to remain at OPPD as President/CEO until his successor is named and takes office.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you,

Anne McGuire
OPPD Board of Directors Chair